Xbee module3 range problem

Our Xbee 3 Module - U.FL Antenna loses data after 20-30 meters in the distance test, and disconnects after 50 meters. Why might this be caused? We are using xbee with 2.4G Wireless SMA Antenna.

I would suggest sending an email to Digi Support regarding this.

Have you tried another antenna that you can be sure is 2.4ghz?

Is the power setting on the xbee in XCTU set as desired?

Have you tried outdoor line of site test?

Is the Xbee getting the correct power per the specs?

Just a few suggestions for basic troubleshooting.

Normally it’s because of the XBee antenna, once I used a metal wire to extend it and it has increased the range. I did a similar thing with the ESP32 module but it didn’t work in that case.