XBee s3b range test problem

Hello I’m using xbee s3b pro( called as XBee 900 hp pro) for serial communication. For the longer communication range, I use tg.22.0111(1.91 Dbi) and Oscar 3a(11 dbi yagi) antenna. By the theory and matlab simulation, those rf parts should make over 6 km wireless connection. But there are sudden disconnection at 200 m distance. What I mean “sudden“ is tg connection stops at 200 m without received power reduction. For example, the received power is approximately -47 dbm at 180 m, but connection breaks at 200 m

Sounds more like it is an antenna height issue. The farther you move away, the more height you need.

To be clear, what country are you using these radios in? They are only approved to be used in a few countries. None of which I am aware of will allow for the use of an 11dBi gain Yagii antenna without considerable amount of cable loss required.

Thank you for your reply. I conducted an experiment in South Korea and both height of antenna is 2 m. Sorry for the late reply.

This product is not and can’t be Certified for use in South Korea. It directly conflicts with the Cellular band in your country. That conflict will also cause issues with the range the product will receive. Your antenna height will also cause a reduction in range. To get farther, you would need to increase the antenna height.