Xbee Pro S3B - range issue

I have been using a pair of Xbee PRO XSC 900 for 3+ years and found they worked very well for my application. Unfortunately, one of them was damaged, and needed to be replaced. Since the model I used was discontinued, I purchased the new S3B model as a drop-in replacement. I am able to get the new modules to communicate, but only at close range. Previously, I was getting a range of 2-5 miles - now with the S3B, I only get a range of about 100 yards. According to the literature published, I should be getting more range, not less. What am I doing wrong?
I’ve updated to the latest firmware, and adjusted my boards to remove the LEDs on the RSSI line. I’m not using sleep mode, and have the power setting to 4 (Highest). I’m using the exact same software and antenna - the only thing that has changed are the Xbee boards. Please advise.

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i am also facing range issue in XBEE S3B 900HP series modules(XBP9B-DMST-002) RPSMA version just work upto 400 meters and wired antenna modules work upto just round about 30 meters.
previously same modules were works up to 700~800 meters.

Are you using the XSC code or the 900 HP code? Are you inter mixing the old XSC and the New XSC S3B hardware?

No, I figured there would be issues with mixing, so I bought 2 new S3B boards and replace both of the old ones (even though only 1 was damaged).

Please explain what you mean by “XSC code or the 900 HP code”. I’m just using an Arduino on one side, and Win7 PC on the other side - both use serial to communicate.

What function set and firmware version are you using on your XBee modules?

Firmware version is 3014 on both. This is the latest version as far as I can tell. I did have to upgrade both as they had older versions when they arrived. I did not test range on the older version. Should I downgrade?

The code you are working with has the XBee PRO 900 HP product operate an an XSC module. The XSC module and related code is designed to function in applications where you need to talk to the now EOL’ed 9Xstream product.

Most Arduino hardware and Sample codes use API mode with the XBee modules for communications. The XSC code does not offer an API interface. It also re-assigns some of the lines which can cause issues with an Arduino.

To communicate with an Arduino, you need to install the 900 HP Code (XBP9B-DM) function sets and firmware versions on your XBP8B modules.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the confusion. I am not using API mode to interact with these modules. I’m simply using the 2 pin serial interface to send/receive ASCII text messages. I was expecting the next S3B modules to be “drop-in” replacements since they also support this same interface. I am successful in getting the 2 S3B modules to communicate with each other (so I know I have them configured properly), but only at short ranges. Any thoughts for why the range is so poor? Are you saying that the S3B module only supports long range communication when using API mode?

Since my initial post, I have attempted to change the channel that the 2 modules communicate. My thinking was that there may have been some interference on that channel. Unfortunately, it did not have any affect. Any other configuration suggestions would be welcome.

No, not at all. The XSC S3B modules should provide the same range regardless of API or transparent mode.

Now begs the question of are you mixing both the 900 HP XSC S3B hardware with the older XSC hardware? That is are you using one from each hardware version and trying to communicate over distances?

Thanks for the clarification. I am not mixing devices. Both devices are the new S3B devices.

You could have a bad antenna. Have you tried new antennas?

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. I don’t own any replacements, so I’ve just put in an order to buy more. Hopefully that fixes the issue. I’ll report back after I’ve tested with the new antenna.

Just received a pair of new antennas and installed. I did a quick drive around the block and they appear to have improved the range. Still not sure if it’s as good as it was before - more testing required. Thanks for the great suggestion.

did the antenna fix the problem because I am having the same issue? Also, how did you do the range test? was there any line of sight between the two xbees? also were the antennas elevated?