Xbee 900HP S3B + Arduino freezes after 34 frames

Hi, I’ve got this weird issue I have no idea how to deal with.
I’ve got 2 Xbee 900HP S3B modules, both in AT mode (no escapes). One of them is plugged into arduino uno (working at 3.3v) and other one is connected to PC via USB explorer. I’m using Andrew Rapp’s library and trying to run a test sketch (Test Tx for series 2). I monitor what’s coming to my second xbee on PC with xctu. The weird thing is, only 34 packets got transmitted. No matter what I do, this magic number of 34 packets come through. I tried swapping xbees around, no help.
If I disconnect power from xbee on arduino side and apply it again (without resetting arduino), again, only 34 packets come out.
Grounding RST pin on xbee does the same.
Interesting part, that even if Xbee does not transmit anything from arduino, it still can receive and acknowledge packets from xbee on PC side. I have no idea what’s going on.
Please help!

Sounds like there is an issue with your interface or with the code you are using on your Arduino. Try taking the processor out of the picture and short Data in to data out on the remote side and then run the range test in XCTU. How many good packets are you able to get through then?

Just did the test, 100%.
The strange thing is, although it stops transmitting after 34 packets, it can still receive packets and acknowledge them, however any remote AT commands dealing with switching IO pins do nothing (unless I restart the module). How weird.

Just replaced 900HP’s with ZB S2B modules, and no problem at all!!!
Looks like there is some sort of incompatibility between 900HP’s and arduino library.

Yes there are differences in the API interface so you will need to adjust accordingly.

Ok, that I understand. What I do not understand though, is why would first 34 packets come through? What’s the difference between packet 1, 15, 34 and 35???

That is not something that can be answered or should be answered in this forum as it is really more of an issue with your code for your arduino and how you handle the data as to the XBee modules.