Xbee network allow on certain devices to join

I am building a Xbee network using the XBee Pro S2C modules.

I have one coordinator and multiple endpoints (no routers). I want to ensure that only my endpoints can connect to my coordinator.

At the moment I have achieved this by using security, I have turned encryption (EE=1) and set a matching encryption key (KY) on both coorinator and endpoints. Each coordinator we build will have a unique PANID (ID) and each endpoint has a PANID of zero to ensure it can connect to any of my coordinators.

The problem is that turning on security has a serious impact on data throughput, so I would like to turn off security. However I still need a method of ensuring only my devices can connect to my coordinators.

I was wondering if the Device Type Identifier could somehow be used to only allow certain devices to connect. Or is there some other method?

Alternatively, if I cannot prevent devices joining during discovery, is there a way I can ‘kick’ them off the network and then turn off discovery?

Any advice from the community would be appreciated

Many thanks

Yes you can use the ZDO function along with the NJ command. That is you can use the ZDO functions to force a given node to disassociate and then turn of Joining (NJ=0).

Thanks mvut

I did look into that and thought that may be an option. In your opinion is there no way of preventing them joining in the first place without using security or a unique PID?

Many thanks for your feedback.