XBee3 end point device not joined to coordinator after a channel switch with encryption enabled


I hope someone can help to sove the problem we have found with XBee3 and Zigbee stack.

We have a simple one endpoint and a coordinator configuration with two XBee3 XB3-24Z8US (firmware vers. 100B) configured with a defined network PAN ID.

We have enable the Zigbee security - Link Key only - (EE=1, EO=0, KY=123456789) in the two devices and they works done.
For production tests we have forced the coordinator to change the channel (with SC command).
After this operation the end device doesn’t connect to the coordinator (modem status 0 and right after 3, even wait some time, 30 min…, nothing has changed)

We have discover that after sending an NR (Network Reset) command, the endpoint can connect to the coordinator (switch to the right channel).

We have test the channel switch in coordinator with the security disabled (on both devices) and the end-device connect to the coordinator every time quickly, without the need of NR command.

We have previous use in production the XBee S2C with the same configuration and we never see this behavior/problem.

Thank you and Regards

I would encourage you to contact Digi Support by sending an email to technical.support@digi.com

I would also suggest reading https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90001539/#reference/r_zdo_mgmt_update_req.htm?Highlight=channel%20change