How to lock an end-device into a coordinator in Xbee3?

Hi there,

I am trying to develop a custom end-point device. My problem is that: the end-device is leaving network after 3 trials of rejoin to coordinator and then forgets about the coordinator. I want to lock the end-device to a coordinator (meaning an Extended PAN ID) whatever happens as long as Commissioning Button is not pressed 4 times (which will reset the end device).

The coordinator uses Centralized Trust Center and generating keys from install code, NOT allowing joining using default link keys.

On the end-device some of related configurations are set as follows:
DC: 0x01
EE: 0x01
EO: 0x0e
ET: 0x0e
KY: 0x00
NK: 0x00

The issue you are having is a result of the Zigbee stack and not something you can turn off.

Is it possible to be notified (as a coordinator) when an end-device is associated with the coordinator? From sniffed packets, I can see the end-device is associated with coordinator. If I was notified when this happened, I could open a limited time-window for the end-device to join.

Yes if you are using API mode, use the Join Notification function.