XBee-Pro 868 RF data rate estimation for API framing

I am using a project involving a large number of nodes I need to estimate the total network speed. However, I find no information about how to compute the RF data rate once the API frame size is known.

The sensor network has a star topology where all the end-nodes send information to a central node. I am using API framing (AP=2) and XBee-pro 868.

My questions are the following ones:

  1. Following the documentation, I am able to build the API frames and, consequently, I am also able to estimate how many bits are in each API frame. However, I understand that the RF rate (in which the 24 kbps limit is applied) must be computed considering also the link and physical layers for XBee-pro 868. Is there any way to compute (or estimate) the total number of bits of the data sent though RF once the bytes of the API frame are known?

  2. Can the limit be bypassed if two networks with different IDs are built?

  3. Does the limit 24k bps apply to every single node or to the total network traffic? In my case, the central node receives all the traffic so I guess it is the same.

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