Xbee Pro 900 RPSMA compatibility

I have 2 WRL-09099’s working in a point-to-point configuration. Basically a wireless one-way serial cable. I would like to add another receive only node to this network. The Pro 900’s are no longer available. Without changing out my existing radios, is there anything compatible to accomplish this task ?

What is a WRL-09099? What is the manufactures part number?

Generally if a product has gone EOL, the EOL notice will provide a replacement product. But if this is an old XBP-09 product, then no, there is no replacement product that can talk to it over the air. You would need to replace all of them.

Oops. The radio # is XBP09-DPSIT-156.
The wrl# is a Sparkfun catalog number.
I guess that I am going to bite the bullet, and update the radios, I was afraid of that.
Thanks for the verification though.

No, there are no over the air compatible products for that one. Your only option is to change all of them out.

I am in the same boat. I have 3 of them for sale if you are interested as I had to update.