Xbee-Pro s2b and XBEE-Pro

Hi Everyone I’m new to XBEE and I have a little configuration problem.

First of all: I have 2 XBEE-PRO chip runing on XBP24 802.15.4 10CD
And they are working fine…

I just bought a XBEe-PRO S2B to comunicate whit one of them I just need to replace one of them because I lost it.

So I now have 1 XBEE-PRO chip runing on

XBP24 802.15.4 10CD and

I want to transfert text (replace rs232 wire) So I’m not sure how to configure the new chip to simply just comunicate whit the old one.

p.s. I’m not able to configure the new one I always access bootloader menu.


Unfortunately, the S1 (802.15.4) cannot talk to the S2 (ZigBee).

Most Xbee are ‘socket compatible’, meaning the S2 plugs into the same socket as the S1, but they are not RF compatible. ZigBee does use 802.15.4 as a lower layer, but the Xbee 802.15.4 doesn’t give you access to enough things to mimic ZigBee.

Thank you.