xBee Pro S2B - have a great delay when transmitting data

Dear Friends Good Day To You

My project is to build a Remote Control Air Plain (UAV), and i am encountering a problem.

I have configured the first XBee as (Router) and the other As (Coordinator) with a baud rate of 19200.

and i have assigned PAN ID On both of them as 1234.

The Controller Unit (Router), The Air Plain Unit (Coordinator), in this case i could send commands to my plain to activate the motors etc.

and since the project is a moving vehicle it can’t tolerate any kind of delay or it might crash.

when i send some data, i get the response but very much delayed 3 to 5 seconds delay. please help.

You need to use the XBee 802.15.4 modules for this type of application. All of the mesh products such as the XBee ZB modules you are currently using have large delays for Broadcast transmissions and for Rout Discoveries.