Xbee pro S2C Encryption not working


I am running a test to check encryption security on xbee S2C pro modules. I am using 3 xbee pro s2c modules connected to my PC (Serial terminal)via USB to XBEE converter(http://www.nex-robotics.com/products/wireless-devices/xbee-usb-wireless-module.html).
All modules are resettled on factory default settings.

I have enabled EE parameter of all xbees (Xbee1,2 and 3)and i have set specific key for only two xbees(xbee1 and xbee2). For third xbee(xbee3) i have set another key.

Now when xbee1 and xbee2 is communicating with each other, sending any data from xbee3 is altering data received by xbee1 and xbee2 (serial terminal). My question is if xbee1 and 2 have specific key which is not known by xbee3 then is it possible for xbee3 to attack and alter communication between xbee1 and xbee2. How to avoid this case.

All i want is to stop xbee3 from altering xbee1 and xbee2’s communication.

You need to check and change the EO command.

What is “EO” command. I tried to search it on XCTU software while my Xbee is connected to XCTU but there is no such parameter.

I am using Xbee S2C pro module for encryption security testing.

If you are using the default Zigbee firmware versions 405x then EO is Encryption Option. Set the ZigBee Encryption options: Bit0 - Acquire / Transmit network security key unencrypted during joining. Bit1 - Use Trust Center. Bit2 - Use hash link key. (for trust center only, Bit3 - Use Authentication)


I am not using function set “ZIGBEE TH PRO”, version “405F”. I am using function set “802.15.4 TH PRO”, version “2001”.

I have no intention of changing my current function set from 802.15.4 TH PRO to ZIGBEE TH PRO. Can you suggest proper (without interference) settings to authenticate communication between 2 xbee on my current xbee function set. I just don’t want my 3rd xbee to interfere xbee 1 and xbee 2’s communication.

802.15.4 does not prevent you from being able to send data to a node with a different key. It just will be sent out as Gibberish. It will also keep the unwanted node from being able to use OTA commands to change settings.