Xbee Pro s2c Encryption issue

I have 3 xbee S2c pro modules. Irrespective of all factor default setting for each xbee i have enabled encryption option for all 3 xbees. I have set specific key for xbee 1 and 2 and different key for xbee 3.

My problem is, transmitting any data from xbee 3 will alter my xbee 1 and xbee 2 communication with some garbage bytes. How can i avoid xbee 1 and xbee 2 from receiving any garbage bytes from xbee 3?

You need to configure module 1 and 2 to use authentication. This will keep Node 3 from joining the network.

How to configure module 1 and 2 to use authentication? I have already set AES encryption enable. I also would like to add that all my xbee’s are as END DEVICEs. There is no coordinator-router-end devices network.

In order to form a Zigbee mesh network, you MUST have a Coordinator. It is REQUIRED…