XBee PRO S3B stops responding and starts to responds when connected to laptop

I am using 2x XBee PRO S3B to communicate back and forth. Both the XBees are connected to Raspberry Pi 3B+ development board through which I am able to program sending and reception of messages and monitor them. I am monitoring the communication by logging into the Raspberry Pi inside my home. Both the XBees are placed few meters apart from each other(powered on at all times) and neither of them are connected to my laptop inside home.

The problem I am having is one XBee stops responding (it doesn’t even respond to my ping requests). When I go outside to check, turns out it is powered on. Then I take my laptop out to connect it directly to COM port. I ping the XBee and it starts to respond. I am very confused as to what is happening when I am connecting my XBee to my laptop? Is the firmware being refreshed every time laptop is being plugged in? Is this a common issue? Any help/guidance would be highly appreciated.