Partially bricked Xbee PRO S3B's

So I have 3 Xbee Pro S3B’s loaded with XBP9B-DM 8071 firmware

They are attached to Raspberry Pi’s via the UART.

They were working fine originally and responded to basic commands via libxbee in API mode, but slowly they’ve all started to fail. They were running 24/7 for several days in open air with little activity.

So I plugged each into the PC and attempt to recovery. One of the three is still recognized by the PC. What’s odd though is that when I connect this device to the PC, I can still see that the other 2 devices are running (if I’ve left them plugged into the Raspi’s).

I’ve remotely re-flashed the firmware on the other two, and tried all combinations of default settings and baud rates, but I cannot get them to connect to the Raspberry Pi’s or the PC’s. Did the same re-flash with the third unit directly on the PC, but it’s also not able to connect to the Pi, just the PC.

I’ve tried various baud rates, usually 57600 or 9600.

I’ve tried jumpering the DIO/DOUT on the raspi’s and ensured the problem wasn’t with the UART itself, I had no issues there.

Physically, one of the three seems to be running extremely hot, but the other two are cool to the touch.