Xbee project

I’m a student french and i must use Xbee module as part of my training period.

This is my project :

I have the kit starter module, and i work on Linux.

First, to test Xbee module, i can work on window, this is that i had done. I install drivers and X-CTU to test Xbee.
THe connection is good, and i can send AT commands.

But i want to do another test in window to understand the mechanism. For exemple, i want to send a AT command to control a digital output, wich control a relay. So i want
another applications in window.

Then, i will go in Linux, but i don’t know what i will do to use Xbee ( I think use minicom).

To finish, i don’t know if my poject if feasable, and if it is, what i must do.

I’m fallen, so i need your help.


Nobody support…:frowning:

Hello, I’m in French too. Have you got any support? I do not know much about Linux but I know about Zigbee but I think that it’s too late now.