XBee Running off Battery connection

ok guys so i have a program that uses a MSP430f2619 and a XBee2 adapter… here is the problem…

when i run program connected to MSPFET-430UIF debuger it works flawlessly, 3 major functions, 1) blinking led, 2) pwm, 3) xbee serial connection to x-ctu…

i also have a battery pack running through a 3.3V regulator (powering MCU and Xbee… When i attempt to run off the battery power after disconnecting the debugger the blinking led/ pwn work but the xbee no longer works… I have checked power / ground / DIn(from UART TX) and Dout(from UART RX) power/ ground good, transmit pin on xbee is getting signal but nothing is sent to x-ctu (which works perfectly fine while connected to debugger)

Is there anyone here that has any experience or advice how how i can resolve this issue or maybe some guidance on where to look for a solution?

I don’t know how much power (amerage) your battery supplies, but that is one problem with some batteries.

They supply only a small amerage, so if the XBee tries to power up its radio circuit, the voltage sags as the current is too small. Lithium batteries, for example, can suffer this. Many products use some form of super-cap to act as temporary power storage to overcome this.

You don’t say what voltage the battery pack is. It will have to be at least 3.3v plus the dropout voltage of the regulator.
Why not run the XBee directly from a battery? (Or do you you need a higher voltage for other things.)
I find two AA cells works OK.