XBEE s1 COORD indirect messages in Transparent Mode

Will an XBEE s1 COORD send indirect messages while in transparent mode (i.e. non-API mode)?

I’m not seeing it with FW 10A5.

Are there any restrictions on addressing in order to get indirect messaging to work?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but as a general rule it’s better to upgrade the firmware before starting to experiment because there are significant changes between versions. The most recent as far as I’m aware is 10C8. See whether that makes a difference.

Try this example first. If it does not operate the way it is intended, alert Digi Support and they can investigate for you.


Thanks for response.

I had COORD MY=0 & END MY=0xFFFF… changing COORD MY=0xFFFF cured ‘issue’.

Not sure how this will effect my planned network topology (simple star) since I only have 1 node so far.

Last FW I tried was 10C0, but, RSSI param was pegged, so, reverted back to 10A5.

I’m waiting for the fix to cure RTS* not being honored (XBEE will not buffer receptions until I request them), then, I’ll tackle working with a new XBEE FW rev.

Lot of XBEE bugs… will work around them until I have ample time window to upload new FW rev and learn the new bugs.