xbee s1 not in api mode, showing a lot more than it's should to in the "data out" pin

I got two s1 modules.
one connected to a microcontroller and the other one to my pc.

I have no problem to:

  1. send data from the mu to the pc via the xbee.
  2. send digital i/o from the xbee connected to the pc to the one on connected to the mu.

but when I tried to send data from the pc the mu I found out the there is a lot of “garbage” on the data out.

its disappear when I disconnect the power from the xbee connect to the pc( I have a scope connected to “data out”).

(I can’t replace them with each other because they are soldered to the boards)

and at that point I am clueless…

any ideas?


Check for API mode on the mCu radio and check your PC module for either a Sample rate or a Change detect function enabled.

Also look at the IU function.