Xbee S1 Sleep sychronize

I am working with network of Xbee S1 802.15.4 which includes:

  • 20 Xbees (End Device) connected to sensor
  • 1 Xbee (Coordinator) connected to Arduino
    I want to save as much battery power as possible so End Devices were set
    SM = Cyclic Sleep Mode [04]
    ST = BB8 (3000ms)
    SP = 1F4 (5000ms)
    However, I want to receive data from sensors nearly at the same time for calculation so:
  • Is it possible to make a network with Coordinator and End Device waking up at the same time, send, receive data then go to sleep by Xbee S1 802.15.4 ?
  • How can I synchronize End Devices’ sleep time ?
  • Can I set Coordinator to Sleep Mode to save more energy?
  • What is an effective way for Arduino connected to Coordinator Xbee to get data from multiple identical sensors?

Thank you.

No, that product does not support synchronous sleep and transmit.