xbee s2 configuration

i have connected XBee S2 to com1 port
i read modem configuration
i is reading as ZBEE ROUTER AT
i want to change that device to Cordinator

how to do

Use XCTU to reflash the S2 Xbee as a cordinator. The ‘Router AT’ firmware lacks the coordinator functionality.

i connect xbee s2 to com port
i succed in test query in x-ctu software,
in modem configuration tab, when i click on read button i got message that could not found modem configuration file,
what is that mean, is my xbee break?

thanks & regards

Hello Kunal,

Ensure that you are using the latest X-CTU version. Also, download new versions (Modem Configuration Tab / Download new versions… button).

If you are sure that it is up to date but X-CTU still fails to read from it, you can force a firmware flash by checking the “Always update Firmware” option before clicking Write.

If it still does not work, send a screenshot of what does X-CTU report when you click Test/Query at PC Settings tab.

By the way, XBee S2 are ZigBee, not 802.15.4 so this would be better placed in ZigBee PRO feature set forum.

Best regards,