Xbee S2 Zigbee Module -error initialising xbee device parameter

I am new to wireless domain , I am trying to setup a zigbee network ( coordinator and end device ). Using Aurdino UNO with zigbee shield and Xbee S2 zigbee module. After downloding Xb24 B - ZNet2.5 Coordinator AT, I am getting following error “error initialising xbee device parameter”. Could you please help me to resolve this issue ? Thanks

The firmware you loaded on is the wrong code and is no longer supported by anyone. Try loading on the XBee ZB Zigbee coordinator code (XB24-zb) version 20A7.

Thanks for the information , But I am not able to detect the device. I am using XCTU software and Zigbee is on zigbee sheild and connected to aurdino Uno board.

XCTU is not detecting the device, I am able to see TX and RX lights when XCTU searching for the device. But finally it throws the error “error initialising xbee device parameter”.

Try performing an XBee Recovery and update the firmware to the current 2xA7 code.

Thanks for your support. I have recovered the modem and flashed the XB24-ZB Zigbee Coordinator AT (20A7 ver). Now it is working fine . But i have recovered the module using old version of X-CTU.

It makes no difference in which version of XCTU you use. It is only that you got it working that matters.