XCTU XBee firmware update failure

I am trying to configure an XBee network but when I try to configure modules as ZigBee Coordinator APIs or ZigBee Router APIs, product family for XB24-ZB does not appear in the update options.

I am using XBee modules with product numbers XB24-AWI-001 revF .

If I try to recover the firmware using XBee recovery, after reseting the module, I get the error message: could not read the hardware version of the radio module. > Bootloader not responding. The firmware I need and attempted to upload to two different modules are product family XB24-ZB, function set ZigBee Coordinator API, firmware version 21A7 and product family XB24-ZB, function set ZigBee Router API, firmware version 23A7. Those two versions are the newest in their respective function sets at this time.

I also attempted to upload the firmware by creating a profile using firmware explorer, using the same firmware configurations. When I attempt to upload the profile to my modules, I get the error message: the firmware corresponding to the specified profile is not compatible with the selected radio module.

From the looks of these error messages, it seems like the modules are not suitable for the network I would like to set up; however, this information is contradictory to the information provided in the page:


which implies that my modules should work with this firmware.

Is the case that these modules are not appropriate for such a network or am I missing something?

Thank you

TL;DR - the modules are not appropriate for the network configuration you are trying to achieve.

XB24-AWI-001 product number refers to Series 1 XBee modules (also known as XBee 802.15.4) and they don’t support Zigbee firmware - further more, the hardware is not compatible to work together with the other series of modules.

Consult the following Digi knowledge article of the module differences: http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/The-Major-Differences-in-the-XBee-Series-1-vs-the-XBee-Series-2

You may also find the following Buyer’s guide helpful: https://www.sparkfun.com/pages/xbee_guide