XBee S2C remote reset in API mode

I am using below setup for data communication with XBee S2C (not pro).

RPI+XBee (coordinator) Sends commands to Arduino, receives data from arduino. API mode =1
Arduino (Router): receives and sends data to coordinator. Using Arduino XBee library. API mode=2

It works fine 1st time. But If I close the coordinator/or router and next time if I start running again, the data transmission stops. I need to press XBee reset for certain time to make it work again. My guess is because everything is inside the Arduino loop, it keeps sending even if there is no one receiving the data.

I think I need to reset the XBee on Arduino from the Raspberry PI remotely. How can I do that in API mode?

I guess, when Coordinator is turned on again it starts a fresh network while Router is still on older one.

To resolve this, enable Join Verification “JV” parameter on Router. If Router is not able to discover Coordinator after turned ON, then it will leave current network and re-scan for new one.