Xbee S6B Transmission Status frame (0x89) timeout


I’m working on a project with the Xbee S6B. I’m sending data to a TCP server.
I activate the “Tx Status frame” flag in the “Transmit (TX) Request: IPv4” message.
I also set the source port to 0 to allow the creation of a new connection.
When the server is up and running, I received the “Transmission Status frame” with a success message very quickly.
When the server is down however, it takes about a minute to receive the “Transmission Status frame” with the failure message.
Is there a way to control the maximum amount of time before the “Transmission Status frame” is returned with the failure message?

Thanks in advance.


I seem to be having the same issue here. I am sending a HTTP request to a websever. If the server is offline, or destination IP incorrectly configured, there is about a 75 second delay before the Transmission Status frame - 0x89 is returned with an error.

I tried configuring different values for the following parameters:

TM (Timeout)
Set or displays the timeout for connection on TCP client sockets. If 0, socket closes immediately after data sent.
Default = 0x64 (x100ms) = 100
So 10 seconds.

TS (TCPServerSocketTimeout)
Set or read the timeout for a connection on a TCP server socket. The connection for this socket was initiated at the other end.
Default = 0x0258 (x100ms) = 600
So 60 seconds.

Unfortunately neither of these seemed to make any difference to anything I sent via Transmit (TX) Request: IPv4 - 0x20 when the destination endpoint is unavailable.

Did you have any more luck?