XBee Wi-Fi S6B ignores tcp SYN packet after the 5th connection

We are using XBee module as a web Server and is working well. (XBee is connected via UART to ARM microcontroller)
Problem is:
Every 1500 milliseconds a get request is send to Xbee module and Xbee Response is ok. But after the 5th get request Xbee module do not answer tcp SYN packet (I can see it on WireShark). 1500 ms later the next SYN packet is send, no reaction from XBee.
After 3 seconds Xbee responds a SYN packet and the get request is processed.

Firmware Version of XBee module is 2024. Sleep modes are disabled (SM=0).

What can I do?

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Are you able to see this via two xbee modules directly connected? Keep in mind that there are two parts to all WIFI connections and the XBee is generally a Client device with the master controlling such messages and timeouts.

Thank you for your answer!

Connection is between Laptop and XBee. WireShark runs on Laptop.


Try checking on the Client connection timeout value on the XBee. Also check your WIFI TCP or UDP connection for its timeout values.