Xbee S8 868LP DPUS Sleep Option (ATSO)

Hello Digi-Forum users,

I have a problem concerning a 868LP DPUS module (10k variant).
I have updated the firmware to the latest version (1074), however response to the ATSO1(0x02) command keeps saying “ERROR”.

Is this command only valid for digimesh enabled modules? I have a 868LP DMUS modules which do not suffer from this problem.

Also, can somebody confirm that digimesh is NOT available on a 10k (868LP DPUS) module?

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First that is correct. Digi Mesh is not available on the 10K code.

Next, what is the actual SO command you are providing? The value for this command is actually Hex and not ASCII. So if you want to set it to 2, you would issue an ATSO02.