XBEE S8(API2 mode)

I am using XBEE s8 module for my project.The question is how do i get destination address by ATcommand ‘DN’.

I have configure one XBEE as a non-routing coordinator and one XBEE as an non-routing module.

so i want the address of xbee which configure as a non-routing coordinator.So for that i am passing “DNcoordinator” from the device which configured as a non-routing module.But it gives error and printing the error value as ‘1’.

I am using these xbee with arduino .Arduino has one library file ‘XBee.h’.

earlier i have used XBEE s1.that time this library work fine.

So i need to know that this same library is compatible with XBEE s8 or not.

If not then please suggest me any other lib. file which is fully compatible with XBEE s8 module.

Before using DN command you have to provide NI values to both modules. Say module1 is set to NI value “COORDINATOR” and module2 to “ROUTER”.

Now to set DH and DL of module2 with address of module1, issue ATCOORDINATOR on module2.

I am not sure what lib file you are referring to as there are hundreds out on the web for xbee and arduino. But just like asgm stated, in order to use the ND or DN commands, you must set a unique NI value on both radios.