XBee Series 2 Programming Arduino Wirelessly


I have recently ordered two XBee adapter kits and Series 2 XBees in hopes of wirelessly programming an arduino as instructed in the following tutorial: link
I have followed the instructions, and set up both the transmitter and receiver (including reset circuit) as mentioned. Instead of blinking green LEDs, I have solid green and no red lighting. I understand this could be a difference between series of XBees. When I connect both XBees to X-CTU via FTDI cable and the adapter, they can communicate with the modem properly. However when I implement the adapter kit to the circuit with the arduino, I can not connect to the receiving Xbee through the Arduino usb cable as I would think I should be able to. I get an Action Required box that says it is unable to communicate with modem. Verify com port selection and then (for XBEEs) hold the reset button to try again.
I have not been able to run a range test, and the instructions for testing/debugging/or even what type of arduino sketch I should be running are not specified. Could anyone verify that this is the correct procedure to this point and maybe elaborate on how I can debug from this point?

**I am aware of the baud rate. From the tutorial, it specifies that if the Arduino is newer, to run 57600. This is consistent with both XBees.

Thank you