XBee series 2 radio response contains extra data


I have one XBee series 2(Coordinator) connected to Raspberry Pi B+ and XB series 2(router) connected another Raspberry pi 2. When I am trying to send data from router to coordinator there are extra characters prefixed and postfixed with actual value.

{‘id’: ‘rx’,
‘options’: ‘\x01’,
‘rf_data’: ‘~\x00\x15\x10\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xff\xff\xff\xfe\x00\x00#100000\xaf’,
‘source_addr’: ‘91’,
‘source_addr_long’: ‘\x00\x13\xa2\x00@\xdc\x88n’}

in above sample response message only “#100000” is actual value rest all is unwanted data!!

I am using a python script to send and receive data.

why is extra data coming and how to remove it??

It is part of the API frames. Try switching to transparent mode.

Hi Thanks for your response…

Router is in AT mode (22A7) and Coordinator is also in AT mode(20A7). Still I am receiving extra character when I send a message from router to coordinator.

Both the radios are near my Wi-Fi router …will it affect Xbee communication??

No being next to a wifi router will not cause additional data. It would only force the radio to use a different frequency.

Can you provide the data you are sending into the UART as well as what you are getting out?

I have changed the both Xbee’s mode to API and now there is no issue with extra data or one-way communication… :slight_smile:

Is it recommended to use API mode only, when using XBee with raspberry pi?

Is there any setting to force Xbee to use same channel and connect to same coordinator after reboot?

No, you don’t need to but most of your already built Library’s are designed to work with the radios in API mode.