Xbee Standalone I/O line Passing for Digitally Encoded Sensor Output


I have learned to use the I/O line passing method to successfully uses 2 standalone xbee and “mirror” the LDR readings on 1 xbee to PWM output of 2nd xbee to control brightness of an LED.

But lets say if I want to send a DHT11 Reading to the second xbee from the first xbee. With the notion that at least the sensing side will be standalone, while we need to use a microcontroller on the Rx side to parse out the dht11 data.

What configurations must be done on the rx xbee side to pass the encoded data as such to the rx side xbee pin. The problem is that I just want to send live reading just as how the dht11 signal pin to the rx xbee. I know that there will be xbee frame related packets. But the core data can be parsed out using a xbee api library using a microcontroller at the other end.

In XCTU configuration there are only DO High or DO low options. Nothing to pass the exact bits.

for example lets say at tx xbee side
the dht 11 produces 1101101010010 which needs to mirrored
on a pin at rx xbee, in effect the rx side microcontroller after extracting the payload will see it just as a locally connected dht 11 reading.

Kinldy help
Thank You

See https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/digital-and-analog-sampling-using-xbee-radios