xbee suggestion

hello, i am about to order parts for my first zigbee network. i have over 35 machine which use trio MC206x controller. this controller comes with 2 rs232 port(only 1 for programming purpose) and 1 usb port. we normally use usb port to send command from computer to trio controller.

We are trying to put all the controller to a zigbee network so we don’t have to physically connect each machine that need to connected.

as we only need computer to connect to all the controller to send the command , i believe point to multipoint will suit us the most. we only need to talk to one machine each time. distance is less then 100 ft.

i am wondering
1.what will be the best xbee to get, i presume regular series 2?
2.will xbee usb adpater/explorer directly connected to usb port connected to trio controller will work?
3. if i need to use rs232 port, how do i wire usb explorar to rs232 port? only rx tx and +/- will be ok?

Thanks in advance for reading.

No, the XBee product will not work in this situation as you are trying to connect two USB slave devices together. For that you need a device called Wireless USB. Currently Digi does not offer this and what development kits I have see for this are quite expensive. Instead, I would recommend changing the processor to one that has two RS232 ports so 1 can be used for programming and the 2nd for data. Then the XBee ZB modules could be used for this application.