xbee sx channel mask

We are looking to develop products around the XBEE SX 900MHZ products. We are in Australia but unfortunately there appears to be only a development kit with NA spec radios.

Have purchased the kit hoping that the Australian freq band 916-928 MHz is a subset of the NA units.

Question is how do we set the channel mask etc. so that we only transmit on aforesaid frequency band.

Is it possible to reprogram radios to be Australian spec?

Not a lot of info in users manual.


No it is not possible to reprogram for Aust. Nor is it possible to limit it to the Aust frequencies. You must order it in the Aust version to get the Aust. frequencies.

It looks like your only option at this time is to order the modules and then the development boards separately or talk to your Digi sales person about getting an Aust. dev kit.