XBee Synchronization

I am using 64 XBee modules XB24-Z7UIT-004(http://www.kynix.com/Parts/2705287/XB24-Z7UIT-004.html) as sensors and I am trying to synchronize all the modules to execute a command all at the same time. What happens is that it takes about 500ms to send the command in unicast, from module 1 to module 64 and they all execute the command the moment they receive it. Is there any way to synchronize all the modules to execute the Command at the same time without the 500ms difference? I cannot send Broadcast messages because it floods and slows my network and it kind of “jams” the incoming commands. I am sending fast unicast messages.

I am using PIC18 to interface the XBee modules in API mode.


No there is not. The Zigbee standard is not a synchronous network so it is not possible to do that without using some other mechanism.

What may be better is to use the Digi Mesh 2.4 products on the older S1 hardware. It offers a synchronous sleep function that does not exist on the new S2C hardware with Digi mesh.

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