Xbee transmitting efficiency

I am just a new-start, and I am currently using Xbee Pro 900HP in the communication between a ground PC and an UAV, and the ground PC provides positions information of the UAV. If I would like to build a UAV swarm, I must deal with the communication between the ground PC and the multiple UAVs. My question are listed as follows:
In which way is the data transmitting more efficient (considering the transmitting latency and the transmitting speed)?

  1. using the Zigbee Mesh network.
  2. providing a pair of Zigbees for each UAV. Each pair is responsible for the data sending and receiving.

Thank you for your attention.

Any XBee cannot handle parallel communications at one instance. However, if data is not large & communication is not continues stream, modules manage their turns for communication using retries and CSMA/CA methods.

One pair for each UAV will be the ultimate solution. However, I would suggest to first try with One to Many network before opting that.

Your current 900HP setup is better than Zigbee or any Mesh network. Point to point or Point to Multipoint topology more suits such projects rather than mesh.