XBee Wifi - Connection stability issues


we are using the Digi XBee Wifi module, firmware version 0x2021 in transparent mode (TCP connection) on our devices, to forward incoming UART data over Wifi to a server in our LAN.
It uses the same Wifi as our notebooks etc.

Now we had the following problem, that could be reproduced with the following test case:
One device broadcasted small packets of 40 Bytes via HF every 100ms, which 3 others received and forwarded using the XBee-Wifi module via a TCP connection to the server. We observed frequent connection losses (~10/hour per device) and also scrambled packets, i.e. packets which were only sent partially.

At the same time, two other devices received these packets via HF and forwarded them successfully via LAN without such problems. They used the same serial connection code and baud rate for sending the bytes from the MCU to the LAN module which is used for the XBee-module.

Daniel Petat

Hi Daniel,

10/hour per device is 36000/hr. If your only losing 10 transmissions during that time you’re doing very good. That’s only about 0.02%. In the wifi world a 1% packet loss is considered pretty good.