XBEE wifi peer to peer connection with API frames

Hi I’m trying to make a peer to peer connection with two XBEE wifi modules (S6B) with AP = 1 (using SPI). Both are updated to 2023.

If I use Soft AP the host gives an error of 0x78 (udp) and 0x77 (TCP) or sometimes 0x03. The client always confirms a success but no data is received by the Host though. When using X-CTU I get an java error when trying to transmit from the host side, the client states success but no data is received on the host. This is also the case when creating an adhoc network.

Everything works perfectly when one XBEE is not a host (Soft AP or IBSS creator) or if I’m using AP = 0 (Transparent mode).

Please advise

What application are you using to receive the 0x78 and 0x77 message? How about the Java errors? What application and version of it are you running?

Hi I’m using XCTU 6.1.2

The Java error occurs when I try to send data from the Soft AP to the connected client.

When I’m using the client, I receive a Frame type 0x89, with a status 0x00 Success, but I do not receive anything on the host.

When I try to send data from the SoftAP the XCTU repeats the java error in the console of the SoftAP host. I have to disconnect to stop the error but the error continues on its own when I try to connect to the console again without issuing any command.

I have to exit XCTU to stop this behaviour.

You are using API mode. What is the API frame you are sending? What is the destination port number and source port numbers on both radios? Have you tried updating the version of Java you are using?

Hi Mvut,

I went a step further and program micro controllers to setup the XBEE’s to see what actually is happening.

I’m currently using port 0x1616 on both C0 and DE. The client still responds with success, but no packet received and the host is complaining about the port.

The problem is both micro’s are running the same code and further when I do a loopback it works.