Xbee ZB and very long association times (> 15s)


I have 2 XBee-ZB modules. One co-ordinator in API mode, and the other a router in API mode. Both using the latest firmware.
For some reason association is taking up to 18seconds.
I have written a small script to spit out the value of the ATAI command. It starts with “FF” for several seconds, then begins returning 0x25 (which according to your docs means: ‘Unexpected state, node should not be attempting to join at this time’).
It then reverts back to 0xFF: searching for a PAN for another 10-15 seconds, until finally getting a “0” value (joined). The whole process takes up to 18 seconds.

Why is this happening?? My understanding is that the association should take up to maybe 7 seconds if the gateway has ‘forgotten’ the module, and much quicker if its within the timeout period.
I have enabled ATJV1 on the router module. Would this cause any issues?


Yes, Join verification can cause the module to take longer to associate.