Xbee ZB coordinator sending to multiple receivers API


I have a problem, I currently have a number of xbee series ZB modules, one coordinator and the rest routers. I need to be able to send payloads as quickly as possible out from the coordinator to all nodes on the network. I am using API frames to individually address each node (64bit addresses) and deliever the payload. This is so far reliable and fast enough.

The problem is this: I cannot garantee that any one node will be in range or the coordinator or other routers, they will be moving about. Currently if one node looses power or is uncontactable the whole system slows to a crawl due to the acknowledgement process. Is there a way I can send without caring if the receiver is deliverable? I essentially want to broadcast, but it is far too slow.

Are you sending data or AT/DDO (XBee) commands?

Data should only require a ‘hand-off’, so some other node accepts the packet. The XBee commands require an end-to-end ACK.

You could try ‘source routing’, which means as every node replies, it refreshes the central ‘route table’. Digi gateways handle this transparent for you, but if your PIC is the coordinator, you’d need to build in the source-route design because then you need to ‘inform’ the coordinator of the desired route before EVERY send.

Is it possible to turn your paradign around? Have the routers send in a status packet every X seconds, then have the coordinator quickly send a response/command? This would STOP the coordinator from ever trying to talk to a ‘missing’ router.