sending serial commands to multiple ZB nodes from coordinator

i’m trying to send a serial command to multiple nodes on the same pan id network. i can send the serial command to the individual nodes by setting the destination address of the node on the coordinator using X-CTU but i’m not sure on how to send a single serial command to 2 or more nodes VIA the coordinator.

i’ve tried putting the coordinator in AT and API mode but still no luck. i’m hoping it something simple

any help would be appreciated

K Jones


Have you tried to send a broadcast? Maybe it’s not what you want because these messages propagate to all modules in the network. To send one, in API mode set the 64 bit destination to 0x000000000000FFFF and the 16 bit destination to:
0xFFFE if sending a broadcast.
0xFFFC - broadcast to all routers;
0xFFFD - broadcast to all non-sleepy devices;
0xFFFF - broadcast to all devices including sleepy ED.

If you want to send explicitly to different modules, then you will have to change the destination address for every module and send one at a time.

Tell us if this was what you were looking for. Regards,

Hi fgilmar thanks for the response.

this is a start of what i’m looking for …

i’ve found where to change the 64bit destination to the broadcast address but can’t find where to enter the 16 bit destination address. where on x-ctu is the field to change the 16bit destination address.

thanks again

Hello Nick,

Are you using AT (Transparent) or API mode? Please refer to the product manual on page 56 example Send a broadcast transmission. If you are in AT mode, there is no 16-bit configuration parameter, just set ATDH=0 and ATDL=0xFFFF.

Best regards,