XBee ZB Network Routing problems


I’ve got a problem with setting up my XBee-Network.
I use the XBee-Pro ZB Modules S2B (XBP24BZ7SIT-004).

My Network includes:

  • a coordinator which is communicating with a PC via UART
  • 12 Sleepy End-Devices, because they are battery-powered
  • and a Router, because the Coordinator only could handle 10 children.


  • Router (no sleep)
  • End Devices (cyclic sleep, SM=5): wake up every 5s SP=0x1F4 and stay awake for ST=0xFFFE (65s)

The coordinator is put-on a Sparkfun XBee Explorer USB. The Network still works, I can generate a node list via x-ctu and when I send a Broadcast ( API Type 0x17) to the network every Node sends a answer.

Now I would like to talk to each End Device, so I use the unique 64-Bit address and the API Type 0x17 (Remote Command). Before I send a command to the End Device I send a Broadcast to wake up the Children.

Some of the End Devices directly response with the correct answer but not all of them. Many response with a transmission timeout after the time 1.6s (NH = 30). I think the problem is the routing. The coordinator sends the many-to-one-route broadcast every 80s (AR=8). When I send the Broadcast I get the answer shortly after the Route Record Indicator frame from the corresponding End-Device.

How many routing table entries does the router have? What have I do before I can talk to an End-Device, that has no route to the Gateway?
I tried to use source-routing but when I send a message (0x21) with the 64-Bit address of a End Device and a Hop set to the 16-Bit address of the Router I get no response.

I hope you understand my problem and could give me a solution or a tip.


routers can hold 12 nodes if I remember correctly.

if the problem is routing, try disabling sleep while you troubleshoot. that that element out of the equation. You can introduce it later when you get things working.