Xbee zigbee how to check for disconnection(or connection)

hi i’m using xbee3 as a coordinator.
and i connected xbee to some iot sensors.
if these are connected, i can receive message through uart.
but i can not check disconnection.

  1. so how can i check if these sensors are disconnected?

one way i think is sending data in real time.
but this way is inefficient.

when checking rf packets with a packet sniffer. I can see some broadcast packets to check link status.

  1. can i receive these packets with uart?


You do not have the ability to know when a device disconnects or leaves the network. Only when it joins.


If connected modules are configured as End Devices, then you can query “NC” parameter to determine number of active (child) End Devices associated with (parent) Coordinator.

Digi Support