Xbee3 802.15.4 - problem - I'm migrating to XBEE3.

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I already use the XBEE S1 and S2 module in my product, I’m migrating to XBEE3.
With the XBEE S1 / S2 modules, everything works fine.
In XBEE3 with the UART firmware 802.15.4, either it works for a while and stops, or when you turn it off and on again it stops working. Are there configurations that can solve this problem?


I’m having similar issue with XSTICK1 and XBEE3 with 802.15.4 firmware. No issues with S1 and XSTICK1

Good morning,
I’m also having a problem with S3 module.
Our configuration is half duplex communication in a broadcast way of work.
It works for approx one hours then the XBEE 3 module seems to stop. Sometimes, even a hard reset is not enough to make it work again.
I have test my system with S2 modules.
Is there a solution to fix this problem ?

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Good morning,
I have tested my system with XBEE PRO V2 (still in 802.15.4 mode) and I don’t have my previous problem anymore.
The XBEE PRO 3 in 802.15.4 mode really seems to be bugged.

I am having the same trouble. No issues with the S1, but the XBee3 module locks up and I have to cycle the power to fix it. It seems to be something with the message format or timing. I can send much larger packets faster using a protocol analyzer and it works fine. I’m using the international version of the XBee3 and the Pro version of the S1.


same problem… on 802.15.4 mode. Work fine with S1 pro and S2 also.
But S3 seem to stop transmitting after a while ( random time). A power on/off solve the problem for a while, also a hardware reset on the reset pin. But nothing else reset the device. I have revision 2006. I try upgrade to 200A, no difference.
This is very concerning… and no answer from DIGIT!

I believe I am having the same issue as well. I have a product that has been operational since 2015. There has been minimal design changes on the PCB that contains the XBee module (TH is used). The S1 modules have been to hell and back and no issues have been discovered. S3 we started seeing random unresponsiveness. I have issues reproducing the issue in the lab. When I am able to get a product in the unresponsiveness mode, resetting the micro connected to the XBee module, sending a soft reset via UART or toggling the reset pin on the XBee does nothing. A complete power cycle allows the XBee to respond again.

Since I have not seen the issue on the S1 modules, I have been targeting differences with the S3 module.

So far I have discovered that the 3.3 line on our PCB is noisy and the electronic stack generates a good amount of heat. I found that the chipset(s) used in S3 have documented issues with power and heat. There was a brownout issue with silicon revisions before rev C and a previous SiLabs chipset had a thermal issue above 120F.

All the testing I have done are with the S1 modules or the S3 modules that contain the “C” on the right-hand side of the label.

I am leaning towards a power noise issue. Maybe the S1 modules didn’t have the same noise issue. The PCB design notes contain information about power supply noise that we are not doing on our PCB.

Hello. Have anyone looked at the C8 command? This command on the XBee 3 is for communicating with the old S1 hardware. I would also suggest looking at https://hub.digi.com/support/products/digi-xbee/digi-xbee3/?path=/support/asset/migration-from-xbeexbee-pro-802154-to-xbee3-802154/