Xbee3 802.15.4 - No UART DOUT signal

We are using the XBee Pro S1 radio modules set as End Devices, one with a sensor circuit(simply sending data on the UART DIN) and one with a display circuit (simply taking the data from UART DOUT). This setup is fully functional.

We are trying to get the XBee 3 Pro modules to replace the XBee Pro S1(since this product is at end of life). We have set up the proper 802.15.4 firmware and configuration in the XB3 to replace each module, and it work very well when used as replacement in the sensor circuit, but, for some reason, we do not get any UART DOUT signal when installed in the display circuit. But when we run this module in the dev kit circuit, the UART DOUT does show a signal.

Is there a possible hardware mismatch relation to the UART DOUT signal with the new XBee 3 Pro module that could cause this kind of issue or are we missing something with the module configuration? As I mentioned, we are using exactly the same parameters as the XBee Pro S1 module that it is replacing.
The 2 circuits with XBee Pro S1 are fully functional.
Using the Xbee 3 Pro in the Sensor circuit works great with the Xbee Pro S1 from the display circuit, but we cannot get the XBee 3 Pro module to work in the display circuit.

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