Xbee3 Cellular: OSError: [Errno 7107] ENOTCONN.

I am working with a Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT.

I am able to connect a socket and I keep it open as I push new data every few seconds continually.

After about 8-10mins of running perfectly I get a “OSError: [Errno 7107] ENOTCONN” even though nothing has changed.

I have tried it with and without setting the timeout for the socket.
s = usocket.socket()
s.connect((“industrial.api.ubidots.com”, 80))

^above is what I have right now

I don’t know if the socket is timing out somehow or if I am hitting a data limit? If I open and close the socket for each send, it fails within the first few sends because the data is coming in to fast to process the open/close. This is why I just leave it open but I am still getting this error. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Check the AI and CI values to make sure you are still connected to the tower and that you have not cycled to a sleep state.

Also try keeping the socket open and using that socket to send the data with.