XBEE3 Coordinator not sending data from MicroPython Remote Transmit()

I am using MicroPython on an xbee3 to try to send data back to a coordinator. Should the coordinator be sending that data out its DOUT pin? I am not running MicroPython on the coordinator, just trying to relay data to an Arduino, but it doesn’t seem to be getting there. Do I need to run the coordinator in API mode, or Transparent mode, or does it matter in this case?

Most Arduino code or libraries require the XBee to be in API mode 2. But that will not keep the XBee from sending the data out of its UART. You can take the arduino out of the picture and simply connect the coordinator to an interface board and the PC. Then use XCTU’s serial console to view the data and verify it is receiving it.

Thanks mvut, I determined that the data was actually present at the Rx pin of the Arduino, my reason for not seeing was that my sketch was filtering it out via code. Everything is working great now, thanks!