XBee3 Global - Not Waking from Deep Sleep


I have been continuing my testing and even a few deployments of the new XBee 3 Global, GM2 and GM1, variants. All is going well, however I am starting to see a problem pop up. Fairly randomly, the devices go into deep sleep and they are not waking. Several of them ran for days and then randomly lost touch. I used a serial data logger to record serial output (I set up a lot of verbose output in order find the error) and every time a device went down, the last thing it did was go into deep sleep and appears to never have woken up. These devices go into deep sleep quite routinely, so it’s odd that every now and then they don’t wake up. They normally go into deep sleep about once an hour.

Any ideas why? My plan is to keep digging and maybe test the wake pin. Would leaving that float/not set up cause this? I vaguely recall this may have been an issue on the previous version? I can’t find an issue topic, so I might be totally wrong on that.

My plan for working around this is to either use our external watchdog (which I am trying to get away from - more cost, more power, more set-up time) or prevent them from deep sleep (not great for power consumption).

Thank you,


Exactly how are you performing the sleep on this device?

Are you using the sleep.now function in Micro Python?