XBee3 LTE-M how to get scan response from peripheral

Currently playing with a XBee 3 LTE-M device in the development board and MicroPython using the Pycharm IDE plugin.

When running a BLE gap.scan, I don’t see a way to get the scan response, I’m only getting advertisement payloads.

e.g {‘addr_type’: 0, ‘payload’: b’\x02\x01\x06\x04\xff\x0c\x01\x08’, ‘connectable’: True, ‘address’: b’\x04\xee\x03\xdb]\xcf’, ‘rssi’: -44}

From legacy micropython documentation:


If you set BLE.gap_scan(active=True) flag, you will get scan responses on the scan results.

How can I achieve this on digi.ble?

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XBee MicroPython currently does not support active scan.

If active scan (reading scan responses from remote devices) is a critical feature for a product you are building, please reach out to Digi sales.

Thank you, I will