xBee3 micropython AttributeError ble.gap_connect

Dear experts,
I have tried to get the github bluetooth micropython examples running (xBee3 ZigBee with firmware 1009). The gap_scan works well but when starting the github sample “xbee-micropython/samples/bluetooth/gap_connect_configuration/”, I get the following error lines in the output:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/flash/main.py”, line 36, in
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘gap_connect’

MicroPython v1.11-1290-g9da1b0c on 2019-11-14; XBee3 Zigbee with EFR32MG

As I have not modified any code line, this is quite weird (as e.g. “ble.gap_scan” is found). I have formatted the device and then loaded only the main.py file - is there any library that I have to add (and where do I find it)?
Sadly the documentation on everything regarding bluetooth/micropython is very little…
Thanks in advance for any hint in the right direction!

Digi XBee,

Please send an email to tech.support@digi.com

When doing so, please make sure to include the actual code you are working with along with any error messages and links to the code or documentation you are working with. This way we can test it as well to see if there is something missing.

Digi Support


If you look at the README file for the sample you are trying to run, you will see that the minimum firmware version for the sample to work on XBee 3 Zigbee is 100A (which has not yet been released). https://github.com/digidotcom/xbee-micropython/tree/master/samples/bluetooth/gap_connect_configuration

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