Xbee3 micropython transmit() payload and cluser


Is there any documentation about the cluster ID and payload format that is used by the XBEE when configured with XCTU in API mode to send ADC values and DIO inputs?

The idea is to use the xbee.transmit() function in micropython to send data to one other module whoich is listening on the ADC inputs and DIO input clusters of the sender.

As an example, the payload when the sender Xbee configured in API mode (not micropython) to send ADC values must be :

01 00 39 04 00 00 00 F1

Where the 16 lasts bits are the ADC value.

That’s OK, but what does the 6 hexa values in front? I suppose that they describe the type of input (analog, digital) and the number of the ADC input used…

Thanks for support

See http://cms.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002219/#reference/r_function_transmit.htm?Highlight=Cluster%20ID